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Hi, I’m Zane. I’m the founder and lead developer of Signature websites. I have combined my experiences from developing multiple web-apps for NZ startups and developing medical devices at Fisher & Paykel Healthcare to create a premium web development service.

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As a business owner and founder of startups myself, I have a level of responsibility for your business that other developers in larger firms won't have. I make sure I understand what matters with your business and will go the extra distance to be sure that we are adding value, as well as following up to be sure your new website is meeting all your expectations after launch. During development of your website we'll make sure you are 100% happy with everything and won't move on to the next stage of design until you are. We don't settle for anything less and will have you feeling confident and informed with your project every step of the way.

My 5 years experience at Fisher & Paykel Healthcare as a medical device product developer gives you a unique edge on your website and business thinking. We use product design thinking that digs deep to get to know the underlying truths and problems and we apply that to understand both you and your business as well as your customers. This helps us design a project from scratch that is aligned with your goals and vision and most importantly is a great experience for your customers.

We aren't your typical large web development firm with multiple developers. You work with me, Zane, throughout your entire project so we can guarantee that it's done right from start to finish. We recognize that working with a single dedicated developer is better to reach a vision and signature piece than having many hands owning different parts of a project to then put it together. The best part is you don't have to pay for the redundant overhead costs of other typical design firms to support their larger teams so you get a high-end product, for less.

I look forward to meeting you and developing your dream website.

Zane Gell
Founder and Lead Developer
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